DYSK's work hovers between the worlds of commercial and fine art photography. He strives to portray the "entirety" of a subject indirectly through its many individual, fragmented images. Despite their diversity his unique sense for a photo's exposure and color tone tie his commercial and non-commercial images into one complete whole. Major clients include Nike, Master Card and Coca Cola. He has a significant portfolio of portraits, including well-known musicians, actors and athletes. DYSK enjoys travel photography and covering other cultural events for a variety of magazines. His work has taken him to five continents, he looks forward to visiting the other two in the future.

Born in Osaka, Japan, DYSK set off to discover the world at 19, first stopping in Toronto, Canada. He then studied at Parsons School of Design Paris, after which he continued to live and explore his photography in both Paris and London for 8 years, repatriating to Tokyo in late 2001.Currently divides his time between Tokyo and Portland Oregon.


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